Tuesday, April 30, 2013

You're FAMOUS!


You got to wake up soon! We have so, so much to discuss. You are famous and I am going to need to take a year off of work to talk to you about everything!

Amy Holland Pennell

Taylor Swift

David Freese

Alex Pietrangelo

Lance Bass, Joey Fatone and Ryan Cabrera.
Check our their shout outs here:

Thank you everyone for showing the love and giving my girl Luc a shout out.


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  1. Yo Lucy's - "Sleeping Beauty" and "Weeping Beauty", I long for your updates. I can't wait for the day when I open and read the wonderful news. I love the beautiful story of your friendship. I know neither of you - but I know of your friendship and the glorious time of your life. I believe all times are glorious but there is something about that time when you are earning your own money and livin' the dream. I'm a LOU girl so you know I know plenty of
    louites who do know the Murphys. It is true what they say. It's a small small world. But know it's a big big world pullin for you Lucy's. Pullin' and a Prayin'...Hey maybe I could put that into a song for you. I'll get to work on that. There's a New "Murphys Law" in Town...Much Love, Warm Wishes and Prayers! Suzi O Bunkers